Game B

Some initiatives begin with great expectations of “projects,” “defined impact,” and “catalytic change,” only to end up creating the only thing that seems to ever sustain real change anyway: community.

Game B was such a project. Conceived by two friends who met through the Santa Fe Institute, it began as a regular gathering from across the country of a network of thinkers who gathered under the following banner:

Play along. That’s what we do as systems that fortify society fall apart: financial systems, political systems, public educational systems, healthy food systems, the environment, media and markets. What will crack next?

Too impatient to wait for the answer, a team of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and investors has joined together to stop playing along and start creating the conditions for a new game to emerge.

Committing to work in honesty and good faith, we are applying our knowledge, creativity, and connectivity to steward an epic historical turn. Our goal is a society of wellbeing we are proud to call home.

Those in attendance included many voices from inside a seemingly successful tech and entrepreneurship culture who, despite and perhaps because of their own “traditional” successes, had a top-down view on the destructive and unsustainable nature of that system. Much of the conversation centered around ways to use technology to build trust networks, alternative and more just currencies, and economic systems that reward and incentivize sustainable behavior.

Today, the conversation continues, but is no longer hosted in Staunton, Virginia. Those interested in these ideas can follow the group’s ongoing facebook forum, where systems behavior, collective intelligence, and sustainable design are never far from dinner table conversation.

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