hOUR Economy is an alternative local economy that uses time rather than dollars as its currency, believing that we can be rich in community and in access to needed services, regardless of the balance of our checking account.  As of June 2014, over 300 members have exchanged over 1,300 hours of services with each other, ranging from massage to gardening help, nutrition counseling to website development, pet-sitting to bike repair. Everyone’s hours are valued equally within the timebanking community.

I was fortunate to be able to work with City of Staunton volunteers and residents as the project’s initial instigator, as we launched the hOUR economy under the Staunton Creative Community Fund umbrella. Today, my role in this project is strictly volunteer — or better put, today all hOUR Economy coordinators receive hours rather than dollars for their time.

For those interested in learning more, check out the following resources:

  • Sign up for an online account with the Shenandoah Valley timebank here. When you do, we’ll automatically add your email to our newsletter for upcoming events and activities.


  • Join the online facebook timebanking groups for Staunton (here) and Harrisonburg (here). These online forums allow real time postings of individual requests, offers, and current events.

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