The Staunton Makerspace believes in making, in play, and in our capacity to share.

Born of the sharing economy, makerspaces are community run workshops where people gather to create, collaborate, and learn. Crossing boundaries between science and art, technology and craft, the novel and the traditional, the Staunton Makerspace began from one man’s desire to have a place to create with his son, to a 40+ member community complete with a woodworking shop, 3D printers, a lasercutter, electronics desk, and more.

Respecting their commitment to being a ground-up, maker-led community, Pine Knot Projects has joined as both a maker member and occasional facilitator to help craft their messaging, design horizontal organizing structures that elevate and empower member autonomy, and to boost community awareness of their mission.

  • Mad Dash Public Relations – In the spring of 2018 a fire swept the Staunton Makerspace, leaving everyone momentarily sure that all was lost. The power of community told hold quickly, however, with a meeting of members that evening pledging to rebuild and reopen. Pine Knot Projects was glad to join in for press release writing, overnight website rebuilds, donation solicitations, and message crafting. Mere weeks late, the Staunton Makerspace reopened in a new space with an open house. Many months of further volunteer efforts brought back melted machinery and community programming.
  • Horizontal Governing With a member community capable of “rising from the ashes,”  a top concern for the Staunton Makerspace is how to sustain growth over time while not bureaucratizing, institutionalizing, or disempowering its members. More to the point:  how to sustain collaborative play, even at scale?  Pine Knot Projects helped craft bylaws based on a ground-up, Guild-based organizing structure, allowing for spontaneous group formation, and encouraging decision making by and for the people most directly impacted.
  • Classes, Open Houses, and Community Impact – Pine Knot Projects has also provided program development services for organizing community maker classes, promoting open houses, and managing social media accounts. 

To learn more about the Staunton Makerspace, be sure to check them out online or arrange for a visit at their community working studio.